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QMI partners with business, finance, and technology firms of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local Austin startups. We seek to engage with passionate professionals and integrate real-world applications of financial analysis and data science into our curriculum. Contact us to discuss how your firm might enrich the learning experience of our members and how we might help you discover the talent your firm is seeking.


what partnership means to us


QMI hosts a variety of events throughout the year including Demo Day. Demo Day is a great chance to meet students as they showcase their semester-long research projects and trading strategies. Partners are invited to attend the event as either judges or guests and share in our celebration of the success and accomplishments of our members during the semester.


QMI members work in teams to answer thought-provoking, open-ended finance questions and come up with original trading strategies. Partners are invited to lead supplemental Workshops or presentations to our members and share how data science and / or finance is utilized at their respective firms. Partners will also receive the opportunity to discuss research the organization completes at a deeper level if requested.


QMI exposes students to various opportunities in business, finance, and technology. By supplementing strong finance fundamentals with an understanding of algorithms and data science, our members are equipped to succeed in a broad range of technical fields. Throughout the year, QMI partners have the opportunity to host Recruiting Events to meet and interact with members and will receive access to the QMI resume and network bank.

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We are excited to establish a partnership with you and your firm. If you’re excited to nurture the next generation of creatively quantitative intellects and investors, shoot us a message.